Summer storytelling workshop at Pune from April 26th to 30th 2011

I was in Pune for the summer vacations and planned a storytelling workshop. I put up the poster in Crossword bookstore Pune and an enthusiatic parent got a group of children together and the workshop began in their clubhouse in Baner from the 26th to the 30th of April and put up a performance for the parents on the 4th of May. It was a five day workshop where I narrated stories, we crafted our story for which we created the relevant puppets and practiced for the performance. The children were very enthusiastic and eager to participate I would like to share the  script of the puppet  skit which was about a               ‘ Mysterious plant ’.

The script of the play-  ‘ Mysterious plant

Narrator: Once upon a time in there was a beautiful village called Hara Bhara at the foot hills of the Himalayas. There was the sudden appearance of a mysterious plant at the banks of river that gave out poisonous gases. The villagers depended on the river Neela for their supply of water. In that village lived four friends who met everyday and loved to solve mysteries.

Ranji: Hi Yeah!! Its summer holidays again…

Sunder: What shall we play … cricket. I know of a fantastic place near on the river bank

Nathu: Yes been such a long time since we went there… let’s go!!

Preeti: But my mother was taking about some weird plant on the banks of the river.

Ranji: Aah yes… that mysterious plant it releases poisonous gases.

Sunder: We have solved so many mysteries when we put our heads together.

Nathu: Let’s take a look

Preeti: Lets solve it fast because most of our food stuff needs water like rice, dhal, drinking water, juice. This is terrible.

Ranji: Heard that when you try and cut it down it grows faster.

Sunder: I have heard that there is a very old magician at the top of the Himalayas He has tamed the wildest of Animals and flowers with his magic potions.

Nathu: Let us find him. We have all our mountaineering gear since our last expedition.

Preeti: I will carry the solar cooker on my back it will cook the food for us by meal time.

Narrator: They leave early next morning. It’s a very hard trek up. As they are nearing the top they hear the growl of a polar bear it almost grabs Sunder and is about to attack Sunder but the friends manage to rescue him and pull him to safety. As they do that they slip and fall into a ravine. And there they see a very strange site all kinds of strange plants and the mysterious plant but when the go close to it there is no harmful gas it is harmless. They see a path that leads to a small wooden door. They knock on the door. And out comes a giant with gentle eyes and a booming voice.

The Magician: Hmmm so you are the four friends who have come in search of the magic potion to tame the mysterious plant.

Friends in Chorus: How does he know?

The Magician: The ones who take care and protect their friends find this path.

Friends: Sir… please tell us the recipe for the magic potion.

The magician: Take a pinch of salt a spoon full of sugar a squeeze of lemon and a glass of water and mix it well and pour it on the plant it will be tamed.

Friends: Thank you sir.

Narrator: The friends returned to the village and tamed the mysterious plant the river water was no longer contaminated and there was peace again in Harabhara village and the four friends won the best citizens award for solving the mystery of the mysterious plant.

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2 Responses to Summer storytelling workshop at Pune from April 26th to 30th 2011

  1. Paridhi Jain says:

    Hi. I almost feel like being a kid just once again!!:-)

  2. swati says:

    I like your storytelling workshop

    Are you doing this year also.

    just let me know because I have 2 kids and I am interested in that.

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